Buildkit env location

Hi All I’m new to Jenkins and not sure where to add the environment variable below


my jekinsfiles look like this

node {
def app

stage('Clone repository') {
    /* Let's make sure we have the repository cloned to our workspace */

    checkout scm

stage('Build image') {
    /* This builds the actual image; synonymous to
     * docker build on the command line */
    app ="repo/minecraft-server")

stage('Test image') {
    /* Ideally, we would run a test framework against our image.
     * For this example, we're using a Volkswagen-type approach ;-) */

    app.inside {
        sh 'echo "Tests passed"'

stage('Push image') {
    /* Finally, we'll push the image with two tags:
     * First, the incremental build number from Jenkins
     * Second, the 'latest' tag.
     * Pushing multiple tags is cheap, as all the layers are reused. */
    docker.withRegistry('', 'docker-hub-credentials') {


Since your not using declarative (starts with pipeline {), you can wrap your entire pipeline with withEnv

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