Build with Parameters give 405 page

when we select Build With Parameters for any pipelines it gives 405. The Pipeline if it doesn’t have any parameters the build runs fine.

Deployed Jenkins on Kubernetes using helm

Jenkins version : 2.332.3

Additional configuration in Jenkins Values
runAsUser: 1000
allowPrivilegeEscalation: False
readOnlyRootFilesystem: True
seccompProfile: {‘type’: ‘RuntimeDefault’}

Hello @naveenmaka and welcome to this community :wave:

According to this answer you may want to use [url_to_job]/buildWithParameters not [url_to_job]/build.

Hope this helps.
both gives same 405 error

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405 is method not allowed

Essentially your trying to do a GET not a POST.

yup agreed but the body for build with parameters is not loading in my case it shows the 405 error… i have other Jenkins when we select build with parameters even though it shows 405 in network the body of the page loads

Could you try a POST request with Postman or whatever tool you have on hand so that we know more about you error?