Build metrics trying to use wrong URI

Hi, I’m wanting to use the plugin “build metrics”. I have it installed but when I go to click on a link to a build, it gives an “Error 404 Not Found”. The URI it is using is incorrect. Is there a way I can change what link the plugin uses?

I think you may want to find another way to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

The build metrics plugin was last released 7 years ago. It has 3 open security vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities have been open for more than a year. It has a plugin health score of 49/100.

As an alternative, you could adopt the plugin, fix the security issues, fix the problem you’re seeing, and release a new version.

Is there another plugin that gives details about the builds and possibly can generate it into a report of some fashion?

It depends on what you want to report as details. @darinpope has a video that shows how to use the OpenTelemetry plugin and Jaeger to monitor Jenkins jobs.

Others have job observability solutions like Datadog with their facility that will monitor Jenkins jobs and Elastic with their APM product and its CI/CD observability feature. Dynatrace has a capability mentioned in their blog. Likewise New Relic has a facility that monitors Jenkins jobs.

If you want to know the health of the system, you could consider using Prometheus and Grafana as described in another video from Darin.

Another alternative for assessing the health of the system is the Health Advisor by CloudBees.