Build Dotnet Core Project using Jenkins ubuntu Server

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build dotnet core Project using jenkins, my jenkins server is ubuntu, and our Source code in the bitbucket server. i want to build my dotnet proj and transfer build file to a windows server via SSH. I hope someone can refer me a tutorial or example.

Thanks in advance.

I think there should be plenty of examples online that you can find via Google. You probably won’t find the exact thing you are looking for, but you can break it down into pieces that you can Google for like building a dotnet core project and then look for ssh transfers.

Thank you for your reply Alex,
My first challenge is to build dotnet core project in ubuntu server Jenkins.

result 1 - Build .Net Core projects with Jenkins for Linux | by Babak Nia | Medium

We generally like to help out when effort was given first. There’s too many people out there to guide everyone from scratch, especially with so many resources out there.

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