Blue Ocean but in classic UI

Take a look at the plugin:

It’s goal is to replace BlueOcean with something that fits into Jenkins better, but modernising the UI

Currently it can re-create the pipeline graph mostly accurately, only some quite complex pipelines aren’t 100% right.

I’m working on enhancing the run page with something like:

There’s a number of issues open on the plugin that would be great to get help with: Issues · jenkinsci/pipeline-graph-view-plugin · GitHub

I’m looking for:

  • Anyone with react experience or who wants to learn some
  • Designers would be really appreciated
  • Java developers

Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks awesome, thanks for working on it! Will make sure to try it out on real pipelines soon. Looks great on simple projects FTR

Looks great! Not sure its in your scope for this paritcular plugin, but what would really be useful for my use case, would be to show each ‘branch’ by node it’s running on, with a timeline view. We have some really long running tasks which need to run on particular nodes, and if we could easily spot ‘holes’ it would help us optimize the pipeline.

                  1pm      2pm    3pm 

nodeA ---->( idle)------pipeline task A pipeline task B
nodeB ----->pipeline taskC pipeline taskD

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Hey, thanks for taking a look.

possibly but that might belong in a more data driven approach rather than a visual graph, and I’m not really looking to change the run graph much currently, minor bug fixes are fine, and possibly looking to see if we can use the build status icons used elsewhere in Jenkins there too.

If you want to discuss further I would suggest creating an issue at Issues · jenkinsci/pipeline-graph-view-plugin · GitHub

Wow, this is awesome. I will install on my instance and test it out.


This is great!!! Can’t wait to remove blueocean!

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@timja, liking the plugin, just curious how Release version went from v 0.1 to 27.vab27f850fea5 and what could we expect the future numbering sequence to be?

It happens because of the plugin continuous delivery, see Jenkins JEP-229. I believe we will be able to switch to semantic versioning once Conventional Commits plugin for Jenkins is completed during GSoC 2021.

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is a Jenkins plugin for using CC on your own projects. Jenkins plugins themselves do not typically use CC, and it is not generally compatible with JEP-229.

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We added logs support in a recent release and today we’ve released a new version with ANSI colour support and a more accurate tree viewer for the logs.


Looks pretty good; can we get this on

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That is a good idea! @timja are you ok to do it?


+1 from me for installing it on I’ve been using it on my test instance for many weeks without any issue.


It’s now installed and working on, example job:
Pipeline Graph [Jenkins]


Clicking on graph nodes just shows an alert. Still debugging code?

Kinda, the plan for now is to add a link to the logs page and have it select that node automatically but haven’t got to it yet

Clicking icon on graph should take you to logs · Issue #40 · jenkinsci/pipeline-graph-view-plugin · GitHub If anyone wants to help

Implemented in Release 44.v6487ab823c6d · jenkinsci/pipeline-graph-view-plugin · GitHub