Bitbucket Jenkins Server Plugin is building all branches even when Pull Request branch is only updated

I am trying to use “Bitbucket Jenkins Server” Plugin to automatically build job on a new feature branch when that feature PR is opened. I also want to post back the status of the Job to Bitbucket Bitbucket Server Integration. I can’t create an Application link since our Bitbucket server is not compatible. I have selected “Bitbucket webhook Trigger” on “pull request event”. I am expecting Jenkins to build only the feature branch when a New PR is created or the source branch of the PR is updated but the Jenkins is building all the branches including the Development branch. I can’t regex to any branch since the branch name can be anything.

Any help is appreciated.

Why isn’t it compatible?

I havnt used Bitbucket but isn’t there a branch build strategy section?

We are using bitbucket version 7.21 and the application link is useful with version 7.4+.