Bitbucket-branch-source-plugin - how to convert to declarative jenkinsfile

Hello There ,
How to convert this below configuration in declarative jenkinsfile.
where can i find all options that are supported by plugin so that I can refer and write a declarative jenkinsfile so I dont loss my work.

Jenkins setup:
Jenkins Version : 2.414.1
bitbucket-branch-source-plugin: Bitbucket Branch Source PluginVersion832.v43175a_425ea_6

The Pipeline snippet syntax generator will show you all the options available with the Pipeline version you have installed and the plugins you have installed.

I created a 90 second video for the git plugin that may help.

However, the specific options that you show in the screenshot are configuration options for a multibranch Pipeline. Those options control the actions taken by the Jenkins controller when it is checking Bitbucket for changes in the repositories. There isn’t a declarative Pipeline at that point, just branch discovery. There isn’t a way to express those options in declarative Pipeline.