Bbppr plugin working then not

Hello, I’d appreciate any suggestions on handling this ;
I’m running Jenkins 2.407 with Bitbucket push and pull request (bbbppr) plugin 2.8.3.

Created pipeline (pipeline_a) to build on push , got it to work fine.

Created pipeline (pipeline_b) same configuration on other repo / branch, but there’s no build.
logs show
pushandpullrequest.BitBucketPPRJobProbe : pipeline_a SCM doesn't match remote repo {1} or it was already triggered.
I don’t understand why it tries to match SCM to the repo in pipeline_a instead of the one specified in pipeline_b… doble, triple, nth checked SCM settings in pipeline_b and the payload sent from bitbucket.

Proceeded to delete pipeline_an and still no builds, just Trigger not set and nothing else.