Az cli not found

Hi, jenkins is running in a k8s environment as a pod. Installed az-cli & az credential using plugins, but when I tried to use it in job getting an error that ‘az not found’ . I logged into jenkins pod, their also az is not showing me. How do I make sure that az installed in the pod and always running state ?

When you say you installed using plugins, can you give more information on that? Also, is the installation directory in the path?

The default jenkins controller image doesn’t have any external tools installed. Its recommended that you run things on agents, and those agents have any tools you need.

If you want to explicitly add it, I recommend extending the image

I have installed jenkins using helm chart and mentioned the plugin name:azure-cli while installing it. I am able to see it in plugin’s “installed” section, but when I logged-in to pod it is saying az not found. Wondering is there any other way to handle it ?

also able to see azure-cli installed in pod’s plugins dir… (/var/jenkins_home/plugins)

Did you read the setup documentation for that plugin? It does not install the azure cli, you have to install it to your host yourself. Azure CLI