Api commands and responses are getting printed on Jenkins stage logs

Iam using Jenkins pipeline code to run the jobs.

We have Jenkins stage which is calling a “getPassword” function from library. The function calls API’s and returns SSH credential and it will be used to login remote server. We dont want to print the “ssh command” and “calling function commands” and its response on console logs. So we used ‘#!/bin/sh -e \n’ before every command. Because if we print, this could reveal the remote server credentials in the console log. This was working when we dont use “parallel execution” block.

When we include “ssh command” and “calling function commands” inside “parallel execution” block, passwords are printed in stage logs.

Please check the below snap for reference.

How can we avoid printing the library command and its response when we use “parallel execution” block ?

This is snippet of my stage and parallel execution block.

Jenkins Version: 2.235.3
Please find the pipeline code below.

@Library ('ARCOS_API') _
    agent {
        label 'master'
                    def executions = APPSERVERS.split(',').collectEntries {APPS -> 
                        ["Execution ${APPS}": {
                            stage(APPS) {                                
                                        APP_USERNAME = "ubuntu"
                                        response = getPassword("${APPS}","${APP_USERNAME}")
                                        sh '#!/bin/sh -e \n' + "sshpass -p '${response}' ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no ${APP_USERNAME}@${APPS} 'ls'"
                                        sleep 2
                    parallel executions

getPassword is the function in library used to get the vm password.
APPSERVERS values we are getting from Active choice parameters option.

Can anyone please help me to hide those library commands and responses from stage logs.