A new description widget (feedback wanted)

Hey there.

Looking to replace the existing description control with a new widget based approach. This ties in with the redesign prototype https://jenkins-redesign.vercel.app. The intention is is that this (along with the other widgets) would be customisable, so could show/hide/reorder them.

Advantages to this

  • Consistent in appearance with the ongoing redesign work
  • More compact, customisable

Disadvantages to this

  • Smaller than the current one, so you couldn’t enter as much text as before



Should this widget be used for all model object descriptions or just for views?

I like the layout and the new styling (hovering to edit, etc.). One thing that looks a little bit strange (but I never used descriptions so far in Jenkins). Why does the widget show up in the sidebar? Shouldn’t it be placed somewhere in the view that is described?

When I look at your prototype we have a navigation bar and side panel, but all other elements are on the main panel: so the description should move to the main panel as well. And these panel elements should be customizable in order, visibility and size. Then the users can adjust the description if they need to.

If you have a plenty of side panel elements, I feel like putting the description at the bottom decreases visibility significantly, if you need to scroll down to discover it :thinking:

I agree that having this on the main panel is probably better. And instead of having a large edit button that shows up when hovering what about having a small pencil icon in the top right.