Venue for Issue/Patch on Installation Instructions

We just had a short discussion over at the forums on Stackoverflow about installation instructions on Debian that yielded diagnostic messages. 1

There is a good chance that the installation instructions could benefit from an improvement, but yet it is unknown to me where the right venue for that is. While looking into it I had problems to find the forge for the sources of the instructions 2 published on PKG_JENKINS_IO.

I have the following concrete questions:

  1. Is there an issue tracker for the contents published on PKG_JENKINS_IO so that I can search if this or a similar issue has been reported in the past?

  2. Where is the source repository containing the build instructions for PKG_JENKINS_IO?

  3. How to find out to which team or working group a specific .io.jenkins subdomain belongs to? E.g. PKG_JENKINS_IO could already benefit from a simple HTML 2.0+ address element.

PKG_JENKINS_IO: replace underscore characters with dot, on HTTP. (new user forum spam prevention)

Thanks for reporting the issue and thanks in advance for submitting a pull request to fix the issue. Two locations include that text:

Thanks for the references to the relevant files and repositories.

As I found out in the meantime, the original discussion has been deleted by the topic starter, therefore the first link is now dead. Report of the diagnostic message pointing to the defect in the installation instructions is now in Diagnostic message "no matches found: [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/jenkins-keyring.asc]" following installation instructions · Issue #458 · jenkinsci/packaging · GitHub .

I’ve filed two pull requests, both are referenced in the Github jenkinsci/packaging issue #458.

And seen you’re already catching up, therefore replying directly.