Periodic is deprecated in logs of multibranchPipelineJob, how to fix in Jenkinsfile?

Hi all,
As of version 1.72, using periodic in triggers {} in multibranchPipelineJob is already deprecated. In the console logs I have information that “periodic is deprecated”. How to adjust the Jenkinsfile file so that the checkbox in the job configuration is checked in the ‘Scan Multibranch Pipeline Triggers’ → ‘Periodically if not otherwise run’ section? I did with cron, but this checkbox is unchecked. How can I write in a groovy file so that it doesn’t get a deperceted warning?
What is deiference between periodic(5) and cron(’*/5 * * * *’) in this case (except that this checkbox is not selected)?
I don’t have any idea haw to fixed in my jenkinsfile.

1.72 of what?

I see a 1.72 of jobdsl, and generic webhook triggers. I didn’t see any mention of periodic in either of thier changelogs