Not much of a plugin ... go-performance-publisher-plugin

Jenkins maintainers/Governance teams,

A user requested I add a plugin to our instance but did not have the specific name. In my search, I came across:


The plugin is just shy of 7 years old and consists entirely of a single commit of the MIT License.

I recognize ‘THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED “AS IS”’, but seems it’s just a forgotten placeholder.

Is there a mechanism to get this dropped from the Jenkinsci repo and plugins Dashboard ?

It shouldn’t be listed in the dashboard or (I don’t see it there).

As for the repo, it can be deleted, but in general we don’t really delete things, we just hide them. As such very few people can mess with repos. Is the repo showing up somewhere other than github?

Oops, my bad. No, not on the Dashboard.

Searched the Dashboard for “performance publisher”, got Performance Publisher; decided that’s not the one he wanted, Then searched Jenkinsci GitHub for performance publisher and found the “go-performance-publisher-plugin”, which is the empty one, so only in Jenkinsci. Still not clear which one my Dev wants, but that’s my issue for next week.