Monitoring outgoing connection attempts

Hi there,

due to security reasons I use my Jenkins instance on premise.

But I was wondering whether it is somehow possible to monitor all outgoing connection attempts of my application during the CI/CD pipeline. Since I use Selenium-driven tests, the application is actually running and I was thinking of something like a monitored quarantined sandboxed dryrun to check that there are no unwanted connections established.


Its not really something jenkins has access to.

Your best bet is probably setting up some sort of proxy or something, and do some logging - Inspecting Docker container network traffic – Byteplumbing

Thank you, yes I kind of figured that but I was hoping there maybe a plugin which manages this maybe on a node basis.
Having a proxy does not give me a granular information. Since there may be several build processes parallel I cannot distinguish which build in which process was trying to connect.

You could have several logging proxies, maybe even Jenkins spinning it up at the start of your test, and have your tests only talk to that one proxy.

But yea, it’s not a simple task.