Jenkins-CodeBeamer plugin error

Jenkins setup:

Hi, I have a question about Codebeamer-Jenkins plugin.
I try to use the CodeBeamer XUnit Uploader plugin.

When I enter credentials of codebeamer, I get the following error:
CodeBeamer instance at {codebeamer url} cannot be reached with this credentials

And also I enter the codebeamer test configuration ID, I get the following error:

[expectContinueEnabled=false, proxy=null, localAddress=null, cookieSpec=null, redirectsEnabled=true, relativeRedirectsAllowed=true, maxRedirects=50, circularRedirectsAllowed=false, authenticationEnabled=true, targetPreferredAuthSchemes=null, proxyPreferredAuthSchemes=null, connectionRequestTimeout=-1, connectTimeout=-1, socketTimeout=-1, contentCompressionEnabled=true]-request to {codebeamer url}/rest/tracker/223542 timed out

The CodeBeamer Credential is correct and it has the Rest API permission.
The Test ID information is also present in the codebeamer.

How can I solve it?

Hello @InseobLee and welcome to this community. :wave:

  • Are you sure that your Jenkins server can access the CodeBeamer instance over the network? Please check for any network issues or firewall rules that might be blocking the connection. :globe_with_meridians:
  • Double-check that you have entered the correct URL for your CodeBeamer instance. Ensure there are no typos or missing components (e.g., “https://” if required).
  • Confirm that the credentials you provided in Jenkins are correct. Ensure that the username and password are accurate and that they have the necessary permissions to access the CodeBeamer REST API. :key:
  • Many Jenkins plugins have a “Test Connection” or “Verify Credentials” feature. Try using this feature to check if Jenkins can establish a connection to the CodeBeamer instance. :thinking:
  • The “request to {codebeamer url}/rest/tracker/223542 timed out” error suggests a timeout issue. You might need to adjust timeout settings in the Jenkins plugin configuration or in your Jenkins server if it has global timeout settings. I don’t really believe in this one… I think the timeout is because something is not working in the network communication between the two. Time will tell. :person_shrugging:
  • Ensure that you are using a compatible version of the CodeBeamer XUnit Uploader plugin. The last release was 4 years ago, so…
  • Check if the CodeBeamer instance’s REST API is correctly configured and running. Sometimes, the API might be disabled, or there could be issues with its configuration.
  • If your Jenkins server is behind a proxy, ensure that the proxy settings are correctly configured in Jenkins. This can impact its ability to access external resources.
  • Enable detailed logging for the plugin if available. Review the Jenkins logs to get more information about the issue. Look for any additional error messages or stack traces that might provide insights.
  • If your CodeBeamer instance uses HTTPS, make sure that Jenkins has the necessary SSL/TLS certificates or configurations to establish a secure connection.