In Jenkins, whether the `Project` equals to `Job`?

In Jenkins,
whether the Project equals to Job?

and when create a Job, there is the Tab: New Item.

so the Item refers to Job right?

Project = Job = Item.

In the user interface a project has the same meaning as a job.

New item is not a good choice as an action name: it originally was named New Job (or New Project :wink:) but since you can also create new folders (or other things) it has been renamed to New Item. Which is technically correct, but the user interface should not focus on technical implementations…

We have a “Jenkins glossary” that also provides some guidance on terms and usage. In this case, it notes that “Job” and “Project” are referring to the same thing, with “Job” being the older term and “Project” the preferred current term.

It may say that but I don’t remember seeing project in use anywhere =/