Flagged by community means is it automatically OR flagged manually?

Hello Jenkins team,

I just signed in half an hour ago and I answered to one of the post under “Using Jenkins” category , to an old question " Jenkins unable to use docker agent in pipeline" and within couple of minutes, my reply was hidden and I got a message “Your post was flagged by community”.

Just wondering whether it was done by AI OR by someone manually.

Because, all I just did was provided a reference link to Jenkins documentation and to ease further users, provided the required commands by copying from the documentation and pasted here.

I just got generic instructions on what to do and what not to do. But I’m not understanding what exactly wrong I did here. It is also telling that my post is considered as spam.

Also I had posted my own question under “Using Jenkins” like “Jenkins - Docker cloud agent VS Docker in Pipeline”. Even this post was hidden within minutes.

I don’t think a human has read both of my post just within 2 minutes and has hidden them. Later I thought because of the URL links I’ve provided my posts have been hidden and now I’ve removed them.

Still both of my very first reply (answer) and very first question have been hidden.

Please instruct me what should I edit to make it acceptable by community.

Thank you.

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@poddingue , I didn’t understand your reaction.

Hi @Padmahas , your posts were marked as “suspicious” by the automatic system with the following reason (from the Discourse system):

This new user tried to create multiple posts with links to the same domain. All posts from this user that include links should be reviewed. See the newuser_spam_host_threshold site setting.

We have marked your posts as “non spam” a few minutes ago: it looks like no moderator was available in the past days to take care of this change. Sorry for this, but it might happens during summer months (mostly due to moderator being off computer in holidays :wink: ).

Now that your posts have been marked as non spam, you should not be blocked anymore as you are not marked anymore as a “new user”.

Thanks for answering to these topics!

@poddingue , I didn’t understand your reaction.

The :eyes: emoji is usually used to mark an acknowledgment and eventual “I’ll have a look”

Oh OK @dduportal .

Thank you for restoring the post and more than that, thank you very much for the clarification of post being hidden.

If I have understood your explanation on “new user” correctly, I think I can provide references to Docker documentation links going forward.

Thank you again.