Fingerprint cleanup - High disk usage

I have a Jenkins in docker for a few years and since a few months ago I started seeing high disk consumption on the host. After analyzing the host, I saw that the process causing the high disk usage is jenkins fingerprint cleanup:

When I check the logs, I see that the process takes about 15 minutes and during this time the disk usage is high due to this cleanup process.

2023-04-18 20:13:13.490+0000 [id=770350] INFO hudson.model.AsyncPeriodicWork#lambda$doRun$0: Started Fingerprint cleanup
2023-04-18 20:37:50.501+0000 [id=770350] INFO hudson.model.AsyncPeriodicWork#lambda$doRun$0: Finished Fingerprint cleanup. 1,477,011 ms

My question is, can i purge this folder ($JENKIS_HOME/fingerprints) to reduce the cleanup’s time? or can i scheduling in other time this clean up?

Thanks a lot !