Facing issue while running windows batch task in jenkins

I am facing the error while running a batch job. the use of this job is to create a difference report between the Dev and test revisions by pulling code from cvs repository. we are using a jar file to execute this job. could any one please tell us a solution to resolve this issue.
we are using the below windows batch command

D:\pioneerjenkins\tools\Ant_1.8.2\bin\ant.bat -f D:\pioneerjenkins\scripts\lms\build.xml -Dtask.name=DevelopmentDiffReport -Dcvsroot=xyz -Dmail.host=mailhost.abc.com -Dstart.tag=TR -Dend.tag=HEAD -Demail.subject=“Diff Report (HEAD vs. TR)” -Drecipient.list=“abc” -DincludeDifferences=false diff.report.with.tests

You really haven’t provided enough information for anyone to help. You haven’t provided any information on how your job is setup, a full build.log, etc. Without more information, I don’t think anyone will be able to help.

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