Access to Jenkins CDF Zoom account for GSoC Mentors


I am requesting the permission to grant access to the Jenkins CDF sponsored Zoom account for the GSoC 2022 lead mentors.

Online meetings are extensively used by the project for mentoring and discussion.The rational for Zoom is that it allows

  • a better screen sharing quality (to show and discuss code)
  • longer sessions than the free version
  • better recording of session (and sharing thereof)

I’d like to propose this access to Kris Stern, Adrien Lecharpentier, and Kristin Whetsone.
The access would be granted manually at this stage. Using the Jenkins 1Pass solution should be activated to better handle these kind of requests.

/- Jmm

Jean-Marc Meessen
for the Jenkins GSoC Org Admin team

This makes sense to me.

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Unless we got access to the email account it’s tied to we can’t add people. Can’t so the 2fa thingie

I will say Google meet has come a long way and can do recordings

Is there 2fa on it now? Last I knew it was just a username and password that was shared amongst everyone (obviously not great).

for “new sessions” when you try to log in it goes “havn’t seen you before, please click the link in your email” or something. So anyone who uses the zoom regularly is fine, but when i last tried to use it for board, or new users of it, you need to do the email thingie.

The CDF email alias that receives that email is a group (as far as I know) and we can (and should?) ask that the new people being added are also added to that email alias. I believe that we worked with Michelle Martineau previously to make that happen