2023 04 25 Jenkins Infra Meeting

Attendees :busts_in_silhouette:

Announcements :loudspeaker:

  1. Weekly: 2.402 release OK, package and Docker image incoming
  2. ci.jenkins.io agent outage today: switched to DigitalOcean for container agents
  3. Digital Ocean SSH bruteforce attack reported from one of our IPs
  • issue with details to open this week
  • no impact as far as we can tell (might be a false positive)
  • incentive to use VMs instead of Kubernetes in DO

Upcoming Calendar :calendar:

  • Next Weekly: 2.403, 2 of May
  • Next LTS: 2.387.3, May 3
    • Kris Stern is release lead
  • Next Security Release as per jenkinsci-advisories: None
  • Next major event:
    • cdCon, May 8-9, Vancouver

Notes :book: